Who we are

We are an independently-owned and operated family business that started in 2009.  Our specialty is providing stagehand and tech labor to a collection of local clients and support to out of town companies/producers/AV groups that only seek labor in Chicagoland a few times a year.


Our company can and regularly does just load in or strike load out of events.   Hiring show operators for your event from us is not mandatory.


We do not draw department lines on our crew. When they are on a job site it's an all for one and one for all approach to doing business. Loaders are also stagehands, audio technicians can help video, carpenters can help lighting, etc. Team Work makes all our Dreams Work. 


Chicago Stagehand tiene miembros bilingues, en espanol e ingles, que pueden ser solicitados para eventos si se notifica con tiempo adecuado.


Just because we are not union doesn’t mean we are an anti-union company. We actually encourage our freelancers to explore work for local unions once they have explored the terrain of the Chicagoland labor market. We consider our company to be a stepping stone / transitional place for freelance crew to work until they figure out what comes next for them professionally - like starting their own company, going on tour, building up other work sources, going full time with one of our regular clients or applying with a union.