SAFE Week 2019 - Protect Yourself


As an extra set of reminders this busy season, we're bringing you the highlights from CLAPS’s Safety & Awareness For Everyone Week (SAFE Week). 

Protective Equipment - It Protects You

Small items (even clothing accessories) can cause accidents, so we encourage crew members to keep the following in mind: 

  • Attire/Gear  Be mindful of loose articles of clothing, piercings, and/or hair that can be pinched, pulled, hooked, etc. into equipment and/or moving parts. 

  • Ten Fingers and Ten Toes  Many injuries involve fingers and toes.  We strongly recommend wearing gloves and steel-toed shoes/boots at all times on work sites. 

We recommend Ergodyne for buying your Personal Protective Equipment

Ergodyne is a company based in St Paul, MN that was recently brought to our attention by one of our longest running A1 / Crew Chief / Rigger, Crash Crawford. He wanted to highlight their offering of their most hip and affordable product: the lanyard. Too many wrenches falling out of pockets when people are on ladders / working at height and they are not secured to your person. Make the change, be the change; own a lanyard and become one with your tools. 

Art on the Mart

SAFE Week 2019 – Accountability