SAFE Week 2019 – Environment


As an extra set of reminders this busy season, we're bringing you the highlights from CSH’s Safety & Awareness For Everyone Week (SAFE Week).  Enjoy!

Environment - Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Slips, trips, and falls are a major hazard in our industry. Fortunately, most injuries can be avoided by simply staying aware and practicing these good housekeeping habits: 

Avoid creating obstacles in aisles and walkways. Keep cords clear and store bags out of the way of all workers.

Be aware of potential slip or trip hazards like cracks, slick floors, loose cables, mats, spills and more.

When working outside exposed to wind, rain, snow or other elements, pay special attention to the hazards of the environment (i.e. slippery surfaces for feet and gripping, harsh sun, possibility for dehydration, etc...)


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