SAFE Week 2019 - Lifting Safely


As an extra set of reminders this busy season, we're bringing you the highlights from CSH’s most recent Safety & Awareness For Everyone Week (SAFE Week).  Happy reading!

 Lifting Safely - Avoid Back Injury

Lift with your legs, not your back. We've said it before and you can bet we'll say it again, because the most common injuries on production jobs occur when lifting heavy gear improperly. Lifting off the floor by bending over and using your back to raise up instead of your legs is wrong!  Back muscles are not designed to withstand the strain that is applied to them when lifting in this unconventional manner. Instead, bend your knees and keep your head up, your back straight and lift yourself (and the load) up using the muscles in your legs. Never twist your back while lifting! To take it further, make sure you have a partner with you to assist.  

For more info on correct lifting and stretching techniques that can help avoid back injury, check out the links below. And check back all week for more safety tips!

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