SAFE Week 2019 – Mindset


As an extra set of reminders this busy season, we're bringing you the highlights from CSH's most recent Safety & Awareness For Everyone Week (SAFE Week).  Today's highlight focuses on mindset. 

 Mindset - It's All in Your Head

  • Be Prepared. Arrive on site well rested and with enough time to acclimate to your working environment. 

  • Awareness. Take into account all potential moving parts, physical characteristics, and other factors that could be hazardous or harmful throughout the day. 

  • Listen. Pay attention to Crew Chiefs and supervisors with advice on how to move, lift, and/or assemble equipment. 

  • Focus. Keep your concentration on the immediate tasks at hand and limit texting, calls, and other distractions (including personal business and conversations) to breaks. 

  • Teamwork. Help your fellow crew members with mentally or physically challenging tasks.

Here's an entertaining reminder on safety basics

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SAFE Week 2019 - Lifting Safely